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Welcome to Ghana

On inception the business of the Yayra Logistics is a clearing and forwarding having customs agency license from the Ghana Revenue Authority & Turkey Revenue Authority. Logistics has continued to be integral in all Yayra Logistics business in Ghana. Given the harsh economic and geographical conditions in our region and continent in general, logistics continue to play a success factor in most enterprises.

Yayra International Logistics has its Head Office in Ghana. Digitization is a hot topic in air cargo simply due to the perspective of growth opportunities. Through proper execution, a digital supply chain opens doors for air cargo that wouldn't exist without technology. With cloud-based systems and online databases, businesses in air cargo are able to track analytics, monitor inventory and shipment details, and more.

Enhanced Data Ecosystems

Prior to the 21rst century, payments online were almost non-existent. Today, e-commerce is a driving factor of sales. Digital sales are made everyday through electronic payments, all through the touch of buttons. Digital ecommerce empowers companies with increased growth opportunities. Although it's a work in progress, these enhanced data ecosystems are major benefits to the industry. From tracking shipments to offering high-speed sales and shipments, technology is continuously transforming air cargo.

Integrity, reliability and accountability

We focus on delivering custom logistics solutions with highest levels of integrity, reliability and accountability while utilizing the latest in logistics technology, allowing us to track your product along the delivery pipeline.

Why Choose Us

Integrity, efficiency, and teamwork are at the heart of what we do, and you'll find that attitude in our office staff, our mechanics, our drivers, and our customers.