Our Insight & Innovations

To be the ‘Logistics and Supply Chain’ of choice in the diverse market place in which we operate.

Our customers are always looking for new markets to enter and finding the best ways to use technology to drive growth. Many of them have expanded their reach through various online shops, and by partnering other e-commerce platforms.

By supporting you through our high quality and reliable e-Commerce service provider network, YIL can arrange the best options to manage your supply chain and the whole delivery process from your door to various warehouses or your e-commerce partner.


Our Service Details:

  • End-to-End tracking of your shipments.
  • Collection from your facility or worldwide suppliers via the Yayra Global Network.
  • Arrangement of international and local delivery to various warehouses or e-commerce partner.
  • Arrangements for and settlement of Tax and Duty payments.
  • Arrangement of International Air / Ocean Freight and Export / Import customs clearance.
  • Assignment of an importer / ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedure) at the destination country for non-resident sellers.


Retail Logistics

Yayra International Logistics understands that every customer has their own unique supply chain characteristics. Our dedicated retail team provides our customers with tailored solutions and process to fit the specific customer and product requirements.

Services Include:

  • Purchase Order and Vendor Management

    We provideyou with the ability to take control of your virtual inventory early in the supply chain cycle. This service can include upstream management of the manufacture process if required.

  • Carrier and Third Party Management (Critical Path Management)

    Wecan manage all aspects, events and entities involved in the supply chain.

  • Value Added Services

    We can provide extensive pre-retail services, preparing store-ready product for dispatch direct to your point of sale.

  • End-to-end Visibility

    Yayra International Logistics' sophisticated in house systems allow real time visibility of your inventory along the supply chain, giving you the confidence to maintain appropriate and efficent inventory levels.